Uso no Sensou Episode 1 RAW

30 years ago, Ichinose Koichi’s father killed his mother and his brother, then he took his own life … Or so it appeared. In fact it was all a set-up. At that time, 9-year-old Koichi was the only person who saw the face of the criminal. Despite repeated testimonies to the police about his father’s innocence, no one believed him. He was called a liar and even his relatives looked at him with suspicion. Growing up, Koichi mastered the art of lying and turned into a slick liar. He went to Thailand, changed his name, obtained a fake background and became an exceptional swindler. Then he happens to meet the man who killed his family 30 years ago in Thailand. This brings back his anger. Vowing revenge, Koichi returns to Japan in pursuit of the man. When he investigates what happened on the night of the murder together with his partner Tokura Haruka and his apprentice Yahiro Kazuki, the people involved emerge one by one. The man is an ex-colleague of Koichi’s father and an associate professor at a university hospital. Furthermore, they determine that the mastermind behind this man is Nishina Kozo, the chairman and founder of a large medical device manufacturer. Having found out the truth after 30 long years, Koichi lies about his identity and starts to set traps for them with the methods of a swindler. He exposes their scandals and faces as criminals and attempts to obliterate them socially. However, Nishina tries to stop this and a fierce battle unfolds between Koichi, Nishina, Nishina’s second son Takashi and eldest son Akira. This is how Koichi’s sweet revenge begins, but will he ultimately be able to pull it off? Meanwhile, Nishina’s daughter Kaede, who is a doctor, comes into the picture and a complicated love triangle develops between Koichi, Haruka and her.